Best Anti-Aging Ingredients You Should Look in Skin Care Products

Here is a compilation of active ingredients in skincare products that one must look for to get maximum benefits:

 Green Tea Extract  


Green tea when taken orally or topically is known to make your skin supple and firmer. It is known to be natural anti-aging skin tonic. It cleanses your skin, increases your metabolism. Green tea is a natural astringent that can brighten dull looking skin. It helps your skin to relax and removes any signs of stress such as dark circles, puffiness, dull skin. You can also make a simple green tea mask by just two ingredients! Green tea leaves and water.

Take a spoon of green tea and drop-by-drop add water to it to make a paste kind of consistency. Apply the mask on your face problem areas and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash off using cold water.



These vitamin A derivatives have been proven by dermatologists to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and make your skin lighter and brighter. Retinol removes dead skin and reduces your pore size. It is a one-stop solution for all your anti-aging problems. 

It is suitable for all skin types. You can increase the quantity of Vitamin A in your diet by having sweet potatoes, egg yolk, carrots, kale, and spinach.

Vitamin  C

Vitamin C is known to strengthen your skin. It has photoprotective qualities to it, that is, it prevents your skin from sun damage. Vitamin C keeps your skin hydrated by minimizing the water loss. 

You can also include Vitamin C in your diet. Have a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon in it. For best results, have it on an empty stomach.


It is an anti-aging powerhouse. It is known to tone and tighten your skin by flushing out excess of water from skin cells. Caffeine content is high in coffee. It increases the circulation in the skin and reduces the swelling and puffiness. Coffee can also promote hair growth. Coffee reduces the inflammation of skin and as a result prevents unnatural hair loss when applied to hair follicles.

You can also make a coffee oil by this method:  

Take 2 cups of hair oil of your choice and put it in a pan. Heat the oil and add 1/4 cup of roasted coffee beans to the oil. Heat the oil for an hour, stir after occasional intervals. Strain the oil and keep it in a glass jar and used it.

Grape Seed Extract


Too many expressions on your face may lead to develop skin lines, wrinkles much before you start aging officially. Grape Seed Extract will help you to deal with it as it increases the elasticity of skin. It improves luminosity of your skin as well.  


You can opt for Creme Des Palmier Cream, if looking for a perfect skincare solution. This cream is a natural skin care formula that treats premature aging signs and wrinkles. On proper application, the cream helps to reduce dark spots, provides vital nutrients and maintains skin elasticity.

Your skin is sensitive, and you must do a thorough research before purchasing any of the skin care products. Here is a list of ingredients in skin products that are harmful for your skin- parabens, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate- they all increase the risk of breast cancer, reproductive problems in women. 

Choose wisely, live well!


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