Best Weight Loss Diet for Women


Having a slim trim and lean body is a dream of every woman. Shedding off excess body fat from the belly needs strong determination. Undoubtedly, following best weight loss diet plans is the great idea to get your dream body weight. However, sometimes you need some additional effort to get the expected result within stipulated time. Opting for weight loss supplement is can further help you achieve your goals faster.


There are plenty of ways that can help you curb excessive accumulation of fat in the body and following a good weight loss diet plan is on them. Discussed here are the best weight loss diet plan for women.    



Eating habits and choice of foods always matter to live a healthy life as well as weight concern. Eating a healthy and weight loss foods is good choice to curb the excess belly fat and support the weight loss program for women.  

The protein-rich foods will digest slowly in the stomach and make you feel full for a longer time and this will limit excess intake of foods. Moreover, eating fiber-rich foods is also recommended as it also digests slowly. Besides, low-carb foods also promote weight loss.  

Controlling over some eating habits will also support your dream like eat slowly, no junk or fast foods, take small portions of foods, restrict intake of added sugar, and drinking coffee/green tea is good to curb the excess pounds of stored fat.  

Snacks: You can include some fruits as per your taste, such as pear and apple.


Breakfast: You can start with the following items in your breakfast.  

  • Oatmeal and Fruits: Eating oatmeal in breakfast is a good idea and it can help you to consume lesser calories than the routine breakfast. Eating fruits will give you an added advantage as it is low in calories and rich in plenty of healthy nutrients.
  • Tea or  Coffee: Tea and coffee both have caffeine, an active and powerful antioxidant molecule. It helps burn excess fat in the body and reduces the waist size in women.
  • Egg: Eating protein-rich egg is good, which again keeps you full for a longer duration.   


Snacks: It is optional, and you can go for anytime you feel the urge.

  • Veggie-Salsa Tortilla: You can take steamed corn tortilla along with vegetables like onion, green bell pepper and tomatoes. It boosts the metabolism and aids to burn excess amounts of body fat. Try avoiding salts.  
  • Grapes: Grapes is loaded with antioxidants. Fruits are always a great source of water, fibers, minerals and vitamins.
  • Carrot, watermelon and hummus can also be included in your breakfast.



You can include the following items in your lunch:

  • Salads: Garnish your lunch with vegetables, and fruits. Items you can include in your salad are half cup of fat-free cream, half teaspoon of oregano, half teaspoon of garlic, and three-quarter cup of Greek yogurt.  
  • Turkish Sandwich: Embellish your roasted Turkish breast with bread and vegetables as per your taste.  
  • Vegetables: Choice of vegetables is yours. You can try cucumber, sweet potatoes, red cabbage and red bell pepper.
  • Italian White Bean Soup: It can also be included in your lunch. Its major constituents are garlic, cannellini beans, chicken broth and small amount of Spinach.  



  • Salad: Veggies like arugula or radicchio with red wine vinegar can be consumed.  
  • Salmon and Chicken: You can eat approximately 4 ounces of salmon or chicken. On the other hand, vegetarians can replace it with tofu.    
  • Potatoes: Use baked potatoes with fat-free cream.  
  • Steamed Veggies: Steamed veggies with pepper as per your choice.
  • Brown Rice: You can garnish with garlic, parsley, onion, cucumber and thyme.



Supplements contain active molecules that cut the excess pounds of belly fat. Different supplements have the different modes of action. There are plenty of  weight loss supplements for women as well as men available in the market.  

One of the most famous weight loss supplement is Purefit Keto, that can curb your calories to reduce your weight. The active molecule of this supplement is 'Beta-hydroxy-butyrate'. It boosts the ketosis process in the body, in which, fat converts into energy rather than the conventional phenomenon, wherein carbohydrates produce energy.  

Likewise, another excellent weight loss supplement is slim fit 180 garcinia that helps you slim down easily & naturally in just a few weeks. 


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